Pipeline Framework: The Supply of Resuscitation Manikins

A pipeline has been launched for The Supply of Resuscitation Manikins.The contract start Date is 1 March 2023. Approach to market date is 1 September 2022.Team Leidos are proud to be delivering the logistics commodities and services transformation (LCS(T)) Delivery partner contracts (LCS (T)/0001 dated 16.4.2015) on behalf of the UK Ministry of Defence (the ‘Prime Contract’). Delivery of other parts of the LCS(T) contract are delivered by Leidos Europe Ltd (LEL) and other partners (together ‘Team Leidos’).Team Leidos wishes to stimulate interest, information and views across the market for the fulfilment of this requirement via this PIN.This prior information notice is not a means to submit a formal expression of interest in respect of any potential tender. Any resultant requirement will be subject to the Public Procurement Regulations and respective advertising action.Please note all information provided to organisations or individuals that respond to this notice should be treated as Confidential, and not shared further without express written permission from Leidos Supply Ltd.The Medical Equipment Team, which forms part of Leidos Supply Ltd is considering the potential requirement for the supply of Resuscitation Manikins on behalf of the UK MOD, potentially consisting of 2 Lots, which includes, but is not limited to;Lot 1- Full body Resuscitation ManikinLot 2- Torso Resuscitation ManikinThe Contract may include accessories, spare parts, consumables and training..The framework length should not exceed 4 years, and is anticipated to commence in early 2023.The value of this framework is estimated to be between £3,500,000 – £8,000,000If interested, Suppliers must/may respond to this PIN with basic details regarding their company (i.e. where you are based, where you source your goods, who you supply similar items for.Please note: this PIN is for information only (market research) and is not a pre-qualification exercise.In addition, please note that as a framework agreement there is no guarantee of business.This is a potential opportunity from the government, and the pipeline gives advance notice of an opportunity that might be offered by the public sector in the future – allowing potential suppliers to plan accordingly. When a public sector organisation publishes a pipeline notice, it does not necessarily mean that an opportunity will be offered in the future.For more information contact: Leidos Supply, 8 Monarch Court, The Brooms, Emerson Green, Bristol BS16 7FH. Tel: 07867255051. Email: Georgia.jones366@teamleidos.mod.uk (Georgia Jones)

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