Request for Information (RFI): Provision of an Integrated Aerodrome Operations Management System for the Royal Air Force – Early Engagement

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United Kingdom

1. Title: Request for Information (RFI): Provision of an Integrated Aerodrome Operations Management System for the Royal Air Force
2. Awarding Authority:
Ministry of Defence
Nimrod Building, 3 Site

RAF High Wycombe
HP14 4UE
3. Contract Type:
4. Description: The RAF is seeking an Integrated Aerodrome Operations Management System to deliver a pan-Service view of all aerodrome operations for implementation within the next 12 months on existing MOD IT infrastructure. The solution will deliver a standardised, digitally enabled airfield management capability to provide a comprehensive, consolidated, demand-driven view of aerodrome management and operations. The solution will enable planning, recording and management of all aerodrome operations, including the flying programme, assets, and personnel.

The solution should be scalable to allow expanded use in the future across the Service (e.g., crew management, Motor Transport Services, Asset Tracking products). The solution should support industry standard integration (e.g., APIs) to enable interoperability with other core Service applications (e.g., JPA, MyHR), and existing aerodrome/profession specific solutions (e.g., STARS, JAMES, ATMPD, O365 products and in-house developed MS PowerApps) until such time as they are retired or replaced by the new solution.

The solution will enable standardisation of aerodrome operations across the Service and will be utilised by Service personnel at the aerodrome, national and central level to provide both local and aggregated views across the estate. By supplying stakeholders with consistent information, the system will support decision making at all levels.

The solution is a critical service and must be operational 24/7/365. The solution must be capable of supporting management of data up to OFFICIAL SENSITIVE.

An initial solution capability is required within 2 months of contract signature.

The Authority is issuing this Request for Information (RFI) to understand the availability of existing Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and/or Military Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) options to meet the requirements.

Due to the complexity of this anticipated requirement, further details have been provided regarding the RAF’s proposed Integrated Aerodrome Operations Management System in the form of a draft Statement of Requirement (SOR).
5. CPV Codes:
48121000 – Air traffic control software package
6. NUTS Codes: UKJ13
7. Main Site or Location of Works, Main Place of Delivery or Main Place of Performance: Any region
8. Reference Attributed by the Awarding Authority:
9. Estimated Value of Requirement: Not Provided
10. Start Date:
11. End Date:
12. Closing Date:
13. Other Information:
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To assist the Authority, respondents to this RFI are requested to provide responses, information, and feedback to the below questions:

1. What COTS options are currently available and in use?

2. Please provide reference information (websites/materials) for the stated COTS and examples of previous similar implementation.

3. What MOTS options are currently available and in use?

4. Please provide reference information (websites/materials) for the stated MOTS and examples of previous similar implementation.

5. Please outline what system architecture and technology stacks are utilised by your solution, including where data is/can be hosted.

6. What support/maintenance packages are available? (e.g, software updates, security patches, etc.)

7. What training can be offered to enable operational use and further enhancements of the solution?

8. What are the estimated lead times for implementation, configuration and operational capability?

9. How would you plan to deploy the integrated solution across multiple locations? Do you anticipate a multi-phase approach based on location? On capability? Both?

10. Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) costs for the project.

11. What do you anticipate being the biggest risks to successful delivery of the solution?

This RFI is being conducted via the Defence Sourcing Portal (DSP). DSP is the e-sourcing platform and one-stop-shop for contract opportunities, tendering and information on doing business with the Ministry of Defence. Use of DSP is free of charge.

Organisations interested in participating in this Request for Information (RFI) are invited to register on DSP to access RFI documentation and full details of participation.

Please note: The purpose of this RFI is to enable the Authority to understand market capability in delivering this requirement. This RFI is not a commitment to subsequently launch a formal procurement procedure thereafter.

By submitting a response to this RFI you are giving us permission to keep and use the information for our internal purposes, and to provide the information onwards, in-confidence, within UK Government. We will not use or disclose the information for any other purpose, without first requesting permission to do so. However, information resulting from any RFI marked ‘Commercially Sensitive’ by the respondent, will not be shared outside of the Authority.

By receiving this information, MOD is not obligated to enter contract and future procurement actions will be at MOD discretion. The Authority will not be liable to reimburse any costs incurred by any parties who respond to this notice. The Authority does not intend to provide any formal debriefs following receipt of responses. Furthermore, a response or non-response to this notice will not preclude involvement in future procurement activities for this requirement.
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