In Pictures: Exercise BOLD DRAGON

Warrior Armoured Fighting vehicles roll into position in Estonia

Exercise BOLD DRAGON sees troops from the UK, Estonia, France and Denmark conducting battle drills to train allies and partners to enhance their readiness and capabilities.

These troops make up NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup in Estonia.

The UK Armed Forces took part in training missions with NATO’s multinational battalion during Exercise BOLD DRAGON.

Troop takes aim at enemy during Exercise BOLD DRAGON
Troop takes aim at the enemy during Exercise BOLD DRAGON

This was an opportunity for Allied Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) to work with colleagues and build critical relationships and communication between the Allies who are currently deployed to Estonia.

The USA and UK accounted for the largest part of the allied forces.

Take a look a BOLD DRAGON 2022 in action 📸

7th Battalion Chasseurs Alpins take part in Exercise BOLD DRAGON
The exercise is underway as troops march across the snow

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