Women in Defence Charter announces Sam des Forges as MOD Co-Chair

Sam succeeds Morag Stuart, who has served as the MOD Co-Chair of the Charter since 2019. Sam will work alongside Angela Owen OBE, Women in Defence UK Co-Chair, and Sophie Thomas, Industry Co-Chair, to drive forward the Charter’s ambitions. She is committed to working with the Charter’s growing network of signatories to improve gender balance and enable women to succeed at all levels in the Defence sector.

As a member of the Charter’s Steering Board, Sam will set the strategic direction of the Charter and help deliver the Charter’s key objectives and plans.

I would firstly like to thank my predecessor, Morag Stuart for her strong leadership of the Charter alongside the other Co-Chairs, their leadership ensured the Charter remained relevant throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and spearheaded the successful launch of the Women in Defence Charter’s Strategy in 2021 at the Defence and Security Equipment International Exhibition in London.

I am committed to working alongside Angela and Sophie to support the Defence sector in turning ambitions into achievements and to ensure that MOD truly harnesses the power of difference to drive capability that safeguards our nation’s security and stability. I look forward to working with my co-chairs in progressing the Charter through 2022 and beyond.

Sam was appointed the first ever MOD Director of Diversity and Inclusion in 2021. Sam works across the Whole Force to ensure that the MOD welcomes difference and maximises everyone’s talent to drive capability that safeguards our nation’s security and stability.

During her five-year career in the MOD, Sam has played an instrumental role in championing a more inclusive environment for everyone. Sam is also the MOD LGBT+ Champion, providing strategic guidance and supporting the work of the MOD LGBT+ Staff Networks, and was previously the MOD Gender Champion and remains an active supporter of the MOD Gender Networks.

For more information and the latest updates about the Charter, please visit the website, or follow it on LinkedIn and Twitter

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