Forces Wives Challenge

The women of the Forces Wives Challenge skiing during training.

Women from different backgrounds brought together by two things in common; their partners in the Armed Forces and a thirst for adventure.

The Forces Wives are preparing for their most difficult journey yet. They will be retracing the steps taken by the special forces Heroes of Telemark in 1943 in Norway’s Hardangervidda Plateau, something which has never been done by an all-women team before.

The team has gone through plenty of physical and mental training to prepare for their journey deep in the Norwegian mountains which is over 3500ft above sea level. With the challenge set in one of the wildest and most inhospitable environments on Earth, the women have been learning how to ski, start fires and survive.

Heather Sharp is the founder of Forces Wives. Based in Wiltshire, she splits her time between running the Forces Wives Challenge, serving as an Army reservist and juggling her family with 2 kids and a puppy. She created Forces Wives to unite women with partners in the Armed Forces and their latest challenge is set to do exactly that.

“We are hugely inspired by the Heroes of Telemark, it’s something I’ve always longed to do. It’s never been done by a team of women before and the fact that we’re all Military wives is fantastic.”

Boo Forster-Haig based in Northamptonshire, who owns her own business in sports and physical rehabilitation says her children keep her going when things get tough.

“Being a role model for my children is my driving force and my inspiration for going on.”

Alix who is based in Glasgow running her own Marketing business, has never taken on such a physical challenge or skied before. She is the wife of a Paratrooper, veteran and full-time reservist.

The women taking a well deserved rest after a day skiing.

The women of the Forces Wives Challenge have been on many adventures together. Hannah Evans from Salisbury, a commercial manager and mum of 2 believes they have created some very strong bonds.

“I’ve met a group of phemomenal women, all of whom are inspirational. We’ve come out with some life-long friends already.”

Ailsa is an ex-NHS doctor now working with a charity helping to support Military veterans in crisis. She teaches piano, loves riding her off-road bike, taking photographs, writing poetry and visiting kitesurfing locations.

Skiing as a team, the Forces Wives women.
The Forces Wives women learning how to start a fire during training.

Karen Hockenhull, originally from South Wales and now based in London hopes to figure out who she is when she’s not being a Mum or a HR professional.

“I’m delighted to be here! I’m actually quite stunned and humbled to be amongst these incredible women.”

Ration packs created for the women

After intense training pulling tyres, learning to ski and mental preparation, the women have prepared their ration packs and are ready for their journey in the Norwegian mountains.

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