Luke and Dan’s story

Luke and Dan outside Sandhurst with their dogs Maggie and Monty.

Luke and Dan are both doctors working in the Army and first met during their initial training in Lichfield in 2016.

Luke is a GP registrar based at Sandhurst Military Academy and is currently deployed to Brunei. Dan is the Two Mercian and Infantry Battalion’s Regiment medical officer based at Blackpool and will be posted in Kenya whilst Luke is on deployment.

Luke and Dan walking down the aisle. Image credit: HollyDerrickPhotography
Luke and Dan walking down the aisle at their wedding celebration.

When they aren’t deployed overseas, Luke and Dan reside at a married quarters in Sandhurst and try to maximise their time together by coordinating deployments. This summer, they have managed to stay together and will be deployed to Belfast, working at two separate regiments.

“It definitely requires flexibility, but we make it work. The Army is quite supportive of making this sort of thing happen.”

As part of their wedding celebrations, Luke and Dan held a ceremony at Sandhurst surrounded by loved ones and made some amazing discoveries along the way. It’s hard to find military locations for wedding ceremonies but it was important to them to make it work.

Luke and Dan’s cake had a topper with both of them in uniform. Image credit: HollyDerrickPhotography

The room in which their ceremony was held turned out to be the chapel at Sandhurst 200 years ago. This originally meant that the ceremony could not take place. However, arrangements were made for the room to be deconsecrated so Luke and Dan’s ceremony could go ahead.

“Everyone at Sandhurst really pulled it out of the bag for us. I think it really shows the commitment the Army has to equality.”

Outside of work, Luke and Dan are kept busy with their dogs, Maggie and Monty who go with them wherever they go, including holidays in their campervan, and wild camping in Scotland and Wales.

Luke and Dan with their two dogs enjoying their ceremony at Sandhurst. Image credit: HollyDerrickPhotography

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