Combined Space Operations Vision 2031

The vision outlines the guiding principles and purpose of the initiative, which comprises Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Through unity of effort with CSpO partners, the UK is working to promote the free, responsible, and sustainable use of space, while upholding national sovereignty and international law.

The document – co-drafted by all seven nations – recognises space as integral to everyday civilian life, as well as modern multi-domain military operations. It sets out a shared desire to accelerate and improve CSpO partners’ ability to conduct combined military space operations, as responsible space actors, in order to increase security and prevent escalation in space and on Earth.

The CSpO Vision 2031 aligns with the Defence Space Strategy, released in February 2022, which outlines how Defence will protect the UK’s national interests in an era of ever-growing threats, as well as stimulating growth and innovation across the sector, through investment in cutting edge space technologies. The Defence Space Strategy set out how the UK will collaborate further with CSpO, the Five Eyes partners, NATO, and other like-minded nations, as we deliver shared space operations, architectures, and capabilities.

In doing so, the UK and its partners will prevent escalation, deter hostile activities, optimise resources and enhance mission assurance and resilience – preserving the UK’s strategic advantage in the space domain.

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