Rotary Avionics and Systems Trainer (RAST)

Amendment to Contract Notice – FTS – 2021/S 000-031843 Clarification added to value of contract

2. SECTION II.1.5)

Opportunity to take part in tender for: Requirement to provide a classroom-based desk-top trainer that gives trainees a graphical representation of a helicopter systems that the trainee can interact with using virtual test equipment. Corrective and Preventative Maintenance and Support of the software for a period of 3 years. years plus 2 x 1 year OPTIONAL extensions. A train the trainer package will be required at the start of the contract to ensure trainers and course designers are fully competent in the use of the software. Training software package must be commercial of the shelf (COTS). Requirement must be available by 21 March 2022 so that student training can commence by 1 April 2022. 2022

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