Ordnance Munitions Explosives Technician (ST0833) EPAO Contracting

Total Quantity or Scope

This PIN indicates the intent to start contracting in early 2022 for one EPAO to deliver the standard indicated in the table below, for the cap badge mentioned. The intent is to engage in Early 2022 with the first EPA required mid-2022 and beyond. Additional information: Cap Badge(s) – Royal Logistics Corps (RLC) Standard- Level 4 Ordnance Munitions and Explosives Technician (ST0833). No of App per Year – 50 Remarks – To be supported by one EPAO. Interested parties are to note: • All the information on Standards above is subject to change and figures indicate current throughflow, more so with the Army currently going through an Integrated Review these manning figures could change. They are for illustrative purposes only and are also subject to amendment. • Contracts will be for 3 years with up to an option of up to a further 12 months with a subsequent option of up to a further 12 months, (3 years + up to 12 mths + up to 12 mths), a maximum of 5 years. • The Department has previously advertised this standard within the publication of an OJEU Contract Notice. Under current plans, a competition for this requirement under the Open Procedure will be launched within the next 6 months with release of a Contract Notice. • This PIN is to alert the market to this potential future requirement and is not a formal request for Expressions of Interest (EOI). A Contract Notice and Dynamic PQQ may be issued in due course to request EOIs which shall reference this PIN.

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