Fsast – High G Training and Test Capability

Legal Justification

The Flight Simulation and Synthetic Trainers Team, part of the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (“the Authority”) intends to place a new contract with Thales UK Limited (“Thales”) for the continued service provision and equipment maintenance of the High G Centrifuge in Cranwell together with the continued development of the training and test programme and safety case. The current contract has been in place for nearly 2 years and is due to expire in November 2021. The Authority intends to place a new contract with Thales for a period of 3 years with an option to extend for a further 12 months. The value of this new contract is estimated to be approximately £7-9 million. It is considered that this contract can be entered into by the Authority without the prior publication of a contract notice pursuant to Regulation 16(1)(a)(ii) of the Defence and Security Public Contract Regulations 2011 on the basis that no economic operator aside from Thales UK is capable of meeting the Authority’s requirements for technical reasons. For reasons unforeseeable by both the Authority and Thales the development of the safety case and training programme will not be at a sufficient level of maturity to enable the on-going requirement to be competed upon expiry of the current contract due to the lack of robust data which it is envisaged will be available on expiry of the current contract. Furthermore, there is only one company (Thales UK), who can provide the on-going services as they are the only ones who have the know-how and expertise to provide the continuing services. To hand the continuing development of the safety case and training programme to another provider would for interchangeability and interoperability reasons be strictly impractical as a new provider would have to repeat the vast majority of the work already done. This would cause delay, significant inconvenience and substantial duplication of costs for the Authority. In addition, to provide incomplete or immature data merely for the purposes of a competition, before it is at a sufficient stage of maturity risks endangering life. The Authority intends competing the on-going requirement as soon as it is practicable for it to do so

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