Total Quantity or Scope

The delivery of Survive, Evade, Resist and Extract (SERE) training to all Fast Jet Aircrew is mandated in accordance with Military Aviation Authority (MAA) regulations. Without undertaking this training Aircrew are not permitted to fly. With the arrival of the Texan and the expiration of the current contract (T2 delivery) there will be a significant delivery gap post 31 Mar 22. MAA RA2130 & Joint Service Publication (JSP 911) detail the SERE requirements and how they are to be delivered. The current contract has now been in place for 24 years (established 1997 – ACT/04404). There are no known re-let options within the contract as both additional option years have been activated. Force Development Squadron have been supporting the wider delivery of SERE training (Texan and limited additional T2 support as required). However, there are insufficient resources to support SERE training delivery across both platform types. Additionally, the protracted SERE training pipeline and manpower churn would require an uplift of manpower (4 x Mil pers). The preferred option would be the contracted delivery option for pan platform Fast Jet Training at RAF Valley. Notwithstanding the change within the contract requirement (No requirement for T1 Ground School), the additional commitment of Texan SERE training presents a comparable off set in terms of delivery time and cost.

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