National Flagship Manufacture

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United Kingdom

2. Awarding Authority: Ministry of Defence, GB Email: (bronwen harris)
3. Contract type: Supply contract
Competitive procedure with negotiation
4. Description: The Awarding Authority is seeking to procure a new ship for the specified location and Her Majesty’s Government which will promote UK interests worldwide and be crewed by the Royal Navy. This ship has been denoted the National Flagship.
The National Flagship will advance the UK’s interests at home and abroad, promoting the UK’s economic security. The ship will be used as a diplomatic and trade platform, showcasing UK engineering and green maritime technologies, whilst acting as a tangible representation of the UK’s commitment to support jobs, prosperity, and skills within the UK shipbuilding sector.
The National Flagship will be built entirely in the UK. The cost envelope for the Manufacture Contract is £200-250M.
The MoD is currently conducting a separate competition to select the design of the National Flagship (“Design”). This competition commenced with the release of a Contract Notice on 19 July 2021, and a release of an Invitation to Negotiate (tender pack) to pre-qualified Bidders in November 2021. Bidders will deliver design bids in March 2022. The winning ship designer will be awarded the Design Contract, under which the Design will be further developed and matured.
Once sufficiently mature this Design will then form the basis of the ship design specification for the purposes of the Manufacture Procurement. The Manufacture Procurement will be the competitive process to select the Manufacturer of the National Flagship, who will be awarded the Manufacture Contract. Part of the scope of the Manufacture Contract is envisaged to be detailed / pre-production design work.
This procurement will be exempt from the Defence and Security Public Contracts Regulations 2011 to protect the UK’s national security interests.
5. CPV Code(s): 35821000, 35820000
6. NUTS code(s): UKK, UKK1, UKK11
7. Main site or location of works, main place of delivery or main place of performance: United Kingdom
8. Reference attributed by awarding authority: Project Code : 702464454
9. Estimated value of requirement: Estimated Value of Contract
10. Listing Deadline: 31.1.2023 (23:59).
11. Address to which they must be sent: You must register or log in at Web: to participate in this tender.
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12. Other information: Notes
Default Additional Notes
Procurement Route
Competitive procedure with negotiation
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