G-ALFEA Sonobuoy Inflation Assembly Design Implementation and Functional Testing

Legal Justification

The Royal Navy, part of the UK Ministry of Defence, intends to award a contract to Ultra Electronics Ltd for the purchase, modification, calibration and testing of 2 off G-ALFEA sonobuoys. The contract will have a term of 3 months. It is considered that this contract can be awarded using the negotiated procedure without prior publication of a contract notice pursuant to Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (Article 32(2)(b)(ii)) for technical reasons. Furthermore, the contract award makes use of regulation 32(5)(b) “for additional deliveries by the original supplier which are intended either as a partial replacement of supplies or installations or as the extension of existing supplies or installations where a change of supplier would oblige the contracting authority to acquire supplies having different technical characteristics which would result in incompatibility or disproportionate technical difficulties in operation and maintenance;” This is because Ultra Electronics Ltd sonobuoys are required for technical reasons and interoperability, as the design is owned by Ultras Electronics Ltd design, the design of which another company could not reverse engineer. Ultra represents the UK on the NATO NIAG SG90 Sonobuoy Digital Telemetry panel. Ultra have also been awarded a contract by DE&S for a through life sonobuoys contract for RN and RAF. While this is a separate requirement with R&D elements, interoperability is key and the sonobuoys tested must be Ultra to ensure technical compatibility in the information gathered in the testing phase with both the NATO panel and the DE&S sonobuoy contract.

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