Legal Justification

The Aircraft section of the Air Commodities Team, Defence Equipment and Support, part of the UK Ministry of Defence, intends to enter into a Contract with Leonardo UK Ltd for the provision of Aircraft Consumables. The contract is a continuation of services currently provided by Leonardo UK Ltd and is expected to run from January 2022 for a maximum of 3.25 years at a total cost of up to £50m. This contract is an interim solution to ensure support is maintained until the competitive longer-term future Aircraft Consumables Project is able to deliver. Industry will be encouraged to express their interest for the Aircraft Consumables Project through a separate notice published in the future. Placement of this single source contract is the minimum measure for which Leonardo UK Ltd is the only company able to meet this requirement in the timescales required. They are the only economic operator with access to current UK Ministry of Defence consumables air worthiness technical expertise . In addition, Leonardo UK Ltd is the only economic operator with a data management system which permits the necessary access to all the required technical information, enabling delivery of the interim Aircraft Consumables provision

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