Southern Region Airfield Wildlife Control Contract_DPQQ


The Contractor shall provide an effective and efficient wildlife control system in accordance with the regulation and guidance given in the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) Regulatory Article (RA) 3270 and the RA 3500 series. The specified references shall be deemed to imply the current editions as from time to time amended. The aim is to reduce the presence of hazardous birds and wildlife in and around the vicinity of the aerodromes at RAF Benson, RAF Brize Norton, RAF Northolt and RAF Odiham by means of observation, recording, reporting and survey, assessing the local wildlife population, wildlife behaviour and the effect on aircraft flying at or near that aerodrome, and taking appropriate action to reduce the hazard. Where wildlife control activity is necessary outside the boundaries of the aerodrome, the Contractor shall liaise directly with occupiers of land in the vicinity and Airfield Wildlife Control Units (AWCU) at neighbouring aerodromes (i.e. within the 13km safeguarding zone) with a view to reducing the air safety risk posed by that site.

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