Quad Core Support and PDS

Legal Justification

The Vehicle Support Team (VST) – part of the Defence, Equipment and Support (DE&S) organisation within the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) – intends to award a contract to Yamaha Motor Europe N.V to replace the existing Quad Bikes contract currently with Yamaha Motor Europe N.V, which is due to expire in November 2021. The duration of the contract is TBC. The estimated contract value is £360k (Inc VAT). It is considered that the contract can be placed using the UK Defence and Security Public Contract Regulations 2011) for technical reasons, ensuring that the current fleet is continued to be maintained and reducing the potential impact to the safe and reliable operation of the entire vehicle fleet. Only the Contractor, as the Design Authority and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the Yamaha Motor Europe system has access to the technical information, expertise, knowledge and know-how necessary as well as the Special Tools and Test Equipment (STTE) to provide the Authority with assurance that the operational effectiveness and safety of the platform will not be compromised. A third party would not be able to carry out this work without access to the necessary design and technical information which is required to ensure the goods are produced to the correct technical specification, in terms of quality, performance and safety. The Services being procured under this contract are safety critical to the operation of the platform and so must be produced to the correct specification, held only by Yamaha Motor Europe. This information is not available to the Authority as it is owned by the Contractor in their role as the OEM and the Authority does not have the necessary rights to that information to provide to any third party.

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