Procurement and Availability In-Service Support of Diving and Life Support Equipment


The requirement under UEW/011 is for a provision and availability driven in-service support of complex diving equipment. This includes: •Parachute Lift Bags •Swimmers Oxygen Breathing Apparatus (SOBA) •Enclosed Mine Lift Bags (EMLG) •Type B Recompression Chambers •Enclosed Space Diving System (ESDS) •Contaminated Water Diving System (CWDS) The Contractor will be expected to provide equipment to meet the Authority’s equipment availability targets, this is expected to comprise of a Contractor Logistic Support type arrangement. The scope of the Contract is expected to expand as the Authority intends to procure several diving equipments over the duration of the Contract. The Authority will be responsibile for procuring new to service equipment, following an initital bedding-in period responsibility for further procurements and in-service support of that equipment will be passed to the Contractor under UEW/011. Over the course of the Contract the Contractor will be expected to sub-contract with the Authority’s nominated supplier to enable further procurements and provide in-service support to that equipment. The specification of these additional equipments is not defined at this point but may include the following: •Clearance Divers Life Support Equipment (CDLSE) •Self-Contained Air Diving Equipment (SCADE) •Dive Computers In-service support includes: •Provision of equipment to maintain availability targets •Logistic support and provision •Engineering support •Spares provision •Repairs •Storage and safe disposal •Safety Management, including maintenance of a Safety Case in accordance with DEF STAN 00-56. •Obsolescence Management •Quality and Configuration Management •Technical Documentation Management •Training

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