In-Service Support for Chemical Sense Training Equipment (CSTE)


The Chemical, Biological, Radiation and Nuclear (CBRN) Delivery Team (DT) (the contracting Authority) are equipment sponsors for chemical, biological and radiological agent detection, monitoring, identification and sample collection equipment used by UK Government. The Authority has a requirement for a supplier to provide support for its range of Chemical Warfare Agent Detection and Monitoring Training Equipment. The equipment requiring support was designed, manufactured and supplied by Argon Electronics (UK) Ltd. under a previous contract and comprises simulant versions of Smiths Detection LCAD, LCD3.2, LCD3.3, MCAD and CAM, and Proengin AP4C/S4PE, along with all necessary ancillary items, which fully replicate the functions of the operational instruments without requiring the use of any chemical weapon simulants. Also to be supported is PlumeSIM and ADM-300-SIM, field and table-top exercise simulation equipment, both hardware and software, which was supplied by Argon Electronics (UK) Ltd. under a previous contract. The contract requirements will include survey, report, repair and replacement of damaged or faulty equipment, disposal of equipment deemed Beyond Economic Repair (BER), the provision of spares and consumable items, training support, regular update of safety and environmental case reports, configuration and obsolescence management and planning and update of service technical publications (AESP). The contract duration will be for an initial 2 years, with options for a further 1 year extension.

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