Heavy Technical Trailer Capability – Industry Engagement


Heavy Technical Trailer Capability – Industry Engagement The aim of this engagement is to sound the market and understand industry appetite and possible opportunities to meet a Heavy Technical Trailer capability. The Army requires a family of trailers to be towed behind mainly armoured platforms. These trailers will initially carry the PYTHON mine clearance system; power packs for CHALLENGER/AJAX/BOXER/WR variants and AS90; other engines and main assemblies; logistic supplies potentially including engineer logistic materiel, fuel and ammunition. The trailers will be towed behind TROJAN, TERRIER, CRARRV, WR512/513, AJAX Apollo, BOXER, MAN SV 15 t and SV(R). The family of trailers will be produced with as much commonality as possible, able to interoperate across the fleet of towing platforms and feature the following requirements: – Mobility commensurate with the towing platforms cross country and on road, laden and unladen. – PYTHON trailers to enable 2 or 3 trailers behind one platform with uncoupling under armour – Appropriate stowage. – Load capacity up to c7t (CR3/T2 power pack likely to be the heaviest payload) – GVA compliant. – Brake testing solution and road legislation compliance. Areas we seek input from include: – Opportunities for variable geometry hitches and connections. – Opportunity for variable geometry axles. – Braking solutions – likely to be ABS air brakes utilising on-board trailer mounted compressor and primarily powered electrically from towing platform with an option of air hoses for wheeled vehicle movements. – Appetite for procurement in line with the Land Industrial Strategy to enable a rapid procurement between 2023-26. – Transformational approach to an autonomous/remote controlled/RF tethered self-powered, non physically connected support platform. The expected fleet size is c120 with a likely life span of 20 years. This day will start with a presentation from the programme SRO outlining our requirements followed by the opportunity for 15 minute 1 to 1 discussions with the SRO and his team. Lunch will be provided. The engagement will be held on 3 Nov 21 at Newcome Hall in Larkhill. Pre-registration to attend the event and discussion is required. Registration should be sent to ArmyFutures-CSS-Prog@mod.gov.uk by 26 Oct 21. Requests for 1 to 1 discussions should be included in the response.

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