CP&F Supplier Hub

Total Quantity or Scope

Scope Defence acquisition activities are worth in excess of £21Bn per annum and can be generated in multiple currencies including but not limited to GBP, EUR and USD, along with the appropriate level of Value Added Tax (VAT). The following indicative volumetric is provided: “March +25% /+50%”: this refers to an increase that happens in March every year which directly correlates to year end for many suppliers. Suppliers 5,883 Open contracts approx 11,000 Incoming messages for supplier hub: Purchase Order/month avg 15,000 March +25% Purchase Order Change/month avg 1,000 March +25% Outgoing messages for supplier hub Invoice/month avg 40,000 March +50% Advance Shipping Notice / month avg 4,000 March +25% Confirmation Body /month avg 16,000 March +25% PO acknowledgement /month avg 15,000 March +25% These levels may be subject to increase over time with additional transactions and suppliers and an indication of scalability in percentages should be articulated in the response. Interoperability with current MoD systems will need to be maintained for the solution proposed. Compatibility with Oracle R12 MoD System is mandatory. The Advanced Shipping Notice is an essential feature that enables CP&F to automatically advise the MoD’s supply chain systems of receipts due in to the three Service’s warehouses. Any replacement must take over from the existing Supplier Hub service with minimal disruption and continue to deliver a seamless service between MoD and their suppliers. The replacement must be capable of configuring a range of existing messaging services, potential changes including updates and the creation of new messaging to align with the CP&F interface. Any solution would need to meet MoD security and accreditation requirements. Customer Service As part of this procurement, the Authority requires a support model including but not limited to the following: a. a helpdesk/incident resolution provisions* b. An Incident Response Matrix detailing proposed response times against the severity level, for queries raised by both MOD and Suppliers c. System availability d. Supplier charging model (For information) e. Supplier Onboarding. Onboarding shall include the onboarding of new suppliers as well as the reconnection of existing dormant suppliers * Provide a help desk to all users of the system and this shall be available during normal business hours weekly unless otherwise agreed with the Authority; The successful candidate should also provide customer service to Suppliers as well as the Authority in order to provide a successful interface with both parties. Data Migration There is a requirement to migrate the existing suppliers from the current supplier hub to the new supplier hub. There is a need to migrate all MOD Suppliers to the new service. The requirement should be to include: a) Delivery of any configuration changes to the Oracle Ebus solution (e.g. connectivity to the new supplier hub). b) Migrating all outstanding orders and related transactional data from the existing service Successful candidates should have experience in mapping data from source to destinations systems to ensure quality, accuracy and security is maintained and evidence of dealing with migrating high volumes of live data. Additional information: The information and/or documents for this opportunity are available on http://www.contracts.mod.uk. You must register on this site to respond, if you are already registered you will not need to register again, simply use your existing username and password. Please note there is a forgotten username/password link on the homepage.

Other Information

This service provides the cloud-based interface between the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and its supplier base for supply chain management collaboration, enterprise collaboration and risk management solutions. It provides a supplier user front end to enable them to manage purchase orders and generate and transmit, outbound to CP&F, messages and transactions relating to Advance Shipping Notices, receipts and invoices. These messages and transactions route back by the service into the MoD’s CP&F system. It also provides an integration pass-through to facilitate exchange of messages between CP&F and suppliers. Following an appropriate level of matching within CP&F the supplier is then paid via BACS. ** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. **

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